How to dress during a heat wave

How to dress during a heat wave

It’s August, the peak of Summer, and some countries are going through strong heat waves, going up to 51º! In this kind of heat it’s hard to think about putting on more clothes than our swimsuits and not to be in the water all the time, but unfortunately we still have to go to work and dress appropriately for it. Follow our tips and suggestions to dress and keep yourself as cool as possible during these hot days.

Choose your fabric wisely

While we would normally say that denim is the kind of fabric that can be worn all year round, when there’s a heat wave, you’ll feel better if you avoid it. When the heat is high and there’s no wind to cool you off, you’ll be thankful you chose to wear lightweight and breathable fabrics. Some of the fabrics you should look for in a hot Summer day are:

  • linen – possibly the most well known heat-friendly fabric. Its natural fiber and light weave allow for maximum breathability.
  • cotton – this fabric is perfect for all climates. Wear this in dry heat or humidity; cotton’s natural fiber allows air to circulate and makes it easier for you to move around without making you sweat as much as other fabrics.
  • rayon/viscose – rayon is a thinner thread than cotton, so it’s great for delicate, lightweight clothing. It’s best in dry heat.
  • blend – Synthetic fabrics are known for detracting moisture, they keep their shape and require little to no maintenance, such as ironing, which is great because that’s something we will not be doing in a heat wave!

Both of these jumpsuits are made with viscose, a silk-feel fabric that is very breathable, such as cotton. You can find this beautiful jumpsuit here.

Avoid tight fitting clothes

For your sake avoid skin-tight clothes during a heat wave, unless it’s your bikini or bathing suit! Loose fitting clothes will keep you much cooler because they allow the air to circulate and let you move freely, avoiding sweat and overheating.

This sleeveless dress made of Bamboo Fiber is a great option for super hot Summer days. It will keep you cool, avoid sweating and will make you look effortlessly stylish. You can find our Women’s Bamboo Sleveless Dress here.

KIS (Keep it Simple)

We love layering and accessorizing too, but not during a heat wave. When temperatures rise above normal keeping it simples is the way to go. If you’re not usually into minimalism, go for a dress or a jumpsuit with a great print. The trick is to just wear one, airy piece of clothing, so instead of accessorizing or wearing layers, opt for bolder prints.

This is a great example of the same dress that follows all our tips and comes in two styles: on the left, a great pattern, on the right a more discreeet, minimalist pattern. Whatever your personal taste is in terms of patterns and accessories, stay cool with this pretty chiffon dress. You can find it here.

Try all in one

Again, we marvel at the possibilities of a multi-way dress. Following our previous tip, include a multi-way dress in your Summer wardrobe, heat wave or not. It’s a super versatile piece that you’ll never want to part ways with. Besides, if you wearing your dress in a certain way, but later become too hot, you can always take the straps down and wear it strapless for a cooler option.

This gorgeous, versatile multi-way dress can be purchased here.

Speaking of multi-way dresses, we invite you to read our top 6 reasons to invest in a multi way dress! You won’t be sorry. 🙂

Whatever you choose to wear in the heat of Summer, just remember that – besides loose fitting, simple clothes made of good fabrics – you should always wear sunscreen (the most important thing you can use for protection against sun damage), sunglasses and a hat that will protect your head and face.

Stay safe in the sun and make the most of Summer!

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