How to make an outfit look expensive

How to make an outfit look expensive

To make it look like you’re wearing an expensive look you don’t actually have to spend a fortune on all the items of your outfit. Follow our tips and easily give any outfit an expensive look.

Minimalist jewelry

It doesn’t matter if it’s real or not. Buy yourself a few beautiful pieces that go with every outfit you have. You will look effortlessly chic and always classy.

Classic handbag

Try not to feel tempted to buy lots of cheap handbags full of embellishments, rhinestones and sparkles for this will prevent you from looking expensive and classy. Less is definitely more when it comes to handbags, whether in terms of design or quantity. It’s always better to own less handbags but the ones you own should be great investments. When choosing handbags have timeless colors and styles in consideration.

Closed toe shoes

There’s nothing wrong with an open toe shoe, but closed toe shoes are still a touch more classy and make an outfit look even more expensive. And no, this is not exclusive to high heels!

Get your clothes tailored

It seems as though getting our clothes tailored is not a thing anymore. As a result of fast fashion, we are now buying and discarding our clothes faster than ever. Of course, you should always buy clothes that fit you and are your size, but even if they are they will never fit you as well as they would if they were actually tailored to your body.

Having clothes that fit like a second skin is the best thing you can do for them and for your body proportions when you wear them. Besides, getting your clothes to a tailor will make them look better and more expensive and will feel brand new you can get them from the tailor!

Always iron your clothes

This is such a simple yet powerful thing you can do for your look. You can be wearing a $300 shirt and still look like it cost $20 if it’s wrinkled. Ironing your clothes will make them – and you! – look like a million bucks. Before heading out of the house, check your outfit for severe wrinkles that you can straighten out with your iron before heading out.

Keep it simple

Try to go for simple, good quality pieces as frequently as possibly. Ditch the overly embellished clothes, as they tend to look less polished and expensive.

Pay attention to detail

When we fall in love with a piece of clothing, it’s easy for us to pay attention to the colors, to the design and even to the feel of it, sometimes forgetting to evaluate the state of the finishings. Don’t make this mistake, for the finishings of a garment can make or break it. Nothing says cheap like terrible finishings on an otherwise amazing piece/outfit!

Invest in statement pieces

Ok, so the point here is to avoid spending a lot of money on outfits, but as we explained on this post, it’s very important to have a few signature items. If they’re good quality signature items that will last for several years, that’s even better! You don’t need a lot; check out our list of signature items and pick three that match your own personal style.

On our list of favorite signature items is always a pair of black pumps, a black leather jacket, a cashmere sweater, a silk blouse and a great – neutral – leather handbag!

What are your three favorite signature items?

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