Interview with a Fashion Blogger: Bex Fountain

Interview with a Fashion Blogger: Bex Fountain

From now on, once a month, we will introduce you to one of our favorite fashion bloggers. To start this wonderful blog feature we asked the lovely Bex Fountain (from to answer our questions. Come meet Bex and find out what inspires her, how she defines her style and what’s her prediction for the future of Fashion.

Where are you from and where are you based at the moment?

I am from and live in Hull in East Yorkshire, England.

How is Fashion like where you’re from vs. where you live?

There isn’t really fashion in Hull, our highstreet isn’t the best which is a shame. However there is a lot of vintage shops which I love.

Do you have a fashion blog? If so, how did you get into it? What drive you to start a blog about fashion?

Yes I do! I started it because I wanted a different platform to engage and post on other than Instagram. I love that it’s my space on the internet to do with what I please. I love blogging but I feel like Instagram is the future.

What is unique about the way you share your personal style and looks online?

I think my style is quite unique, I wear something different everyday- one day i’ll wear jeans and a simple tee the next i’ll wear a bright, clashing colourful outfit. I think a lot of my followers like that I clash things that you wouldn’t usually think to
put together but it works.

How would you describe your personal style?

Different every day!

What are your 3 favorite signature items from your closet?

I’d say statement ankle boots, leather jacket and a printed mini dress.

Who is your biggest style icon / inspiration?

I don’t have one particular person that inspires me, I love Instagram because you can get inspired by so many different people all over the world!

What piece of advice would you give someone looking to improve their personal style and overall fashion sense?

I’d say don’t follow the crowd! Try out something that you wouldn’t usually wear, look online and see what you like than try to recreate the look. I’d say try vintage clothing as it is perfect for unique style as usually there’s only one of every item.

Make a prediction for the Future of Fashion.

I think everyone is becoming more aware how throw away fashion is, I’ve seen more people trying to re-wear clothes in a different way rather than buying new all the time. So maybe the future of fashion is to be more sustainable?

And finally: what’s your favorite item from Philippe le Bac (

I adore this Floral Jumpsuit and can’t wait to style it myself!

Follow Bex on her website ( and on Instagram (@bexjadefountain) to see her beautiful, colorful looks.

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