Why should you invest in cashmere even if it is more expensive than other fabric?

Why should you invest in cashmere even if it is more expensive than other fabric?

Let’s get it out of the way: cashmere is not cheap. Good cashmere is even less cheap. We should know, as we specialize in cashmere clothes. But let us tell you why you should invest in cashmere clothes and explain why it can be a little bit expensive.

Garments that are made from 100% cashmere are pretty expensive, but if you think about how many years each piece actually lasts and how many times it can be worn, you will soon come to the conclusion that a cashmere piece pays for itself.

Here are a few facts about cashmere that also explain its value and price:

  • Cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool; instead of two wool sweaters, you can invest in only one cashmere sweater. One cashmere sweater or coat is enough to brave the cold.
  • It is also a lot lighter than wool, especially if the garment is made of high-quality, one hundred percent cashmere.
  • Cashmere comes from the undercoat of goats. Those goat hairs provide an excellent protection against even the coldest temperatures, since they are use to the cold weather in the mountains of Mongolia, Tibet, Northern India, Iran, Afghanistan and Southwest China, where the hairs are harvested.
  • An adult goat only produces about 100 grams of cashmere each year, however, making a cashmere coat requires the hair of at least 10 adult goats.
  • Cashmere is a very resistant and durable fabric, much more than lambswool.
  • It’s comfortable, lightweight and doesn’t make you itch like other sweaters can make.

Some Affordable Women’s Cashmere Sweaters to buy online:

Cashmere has been produced and used to make clothes in Mongolia, Nepal and Kashmir for thousands of years now.

Where does Philippe le Bac get its cashmere from?

Our cashmere is sourced directly from goat herders in Mongolia, whose semi-domesticated goats that roam the endless steppes, provide the downy under-fleeces underneath their rougher coats that protect them from the dry and cold Mongolian winters. The cashmere wool is then treated and spun into yarn in our factories there. Philippe le Bac is involved in the entire production of the cashmere, in the most eco-friendly and sustainable manner possible, to produce the finest cashmere. The resulting cashmere collection, designed in Europe, is a blend of luxurious fibers and contemporary design, which paired with chic and minimalist leather for a distinctly urban edge.

Some Affordable Men’s Cashmere Sweaters to buy online:

Speaking of sustainability and eco-friendliness, blogger Michelle Tyler says:

“I’m confident that the sweet spot for cashmere made and procured in an ethical way, and made with high-quality yarn that will wear well and last for a long time, is between $100 and $300.”

Do you agree?

“A cashmere jumper has to be on the ticklist of things every woman should have in their wardrobe along with an LBD and a breton tee!”

– Sinead Crowe, Love Style Mindfulness

By the way, cashmere is so light that both Winter and Summer clothes can be made from it! Our Summer collection has many beautiful cashmere pieces, that are – of course – lighter and fresher than Winter pieces.

What do you think of our beautiful cashmere blend summer clothing? 🙂

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