What is a capsule wardrobe and 3 good reasons to create one

What is a capsule wardrobe and 3 good reasons to create one

A capsule wardrobe is minimalist wardrobe technique. It consists in a closet that is not full of clothes but contains only a few hand picked, curated clothes. Fewer clothes but with higher quality and durability; timeless pieces that allow as many outfit combinations as any other wardrobe. It is quite a challenge to create a good capsule wardrobe, but once you do you’ll see it as a liberating experience. Stay with us and find out why you should consider creating your own Capsule Wardrobe.

A good Capsule Wardrobe:

  • is a collection of essential clothes and accessories only;
  • includes a set of around 24 items that can be mixed and matched to create many different outfits;
  • is very practical and gathers clothes that can be used in all occasions; from the most basic pieces to the fancier ones.

With a capsule wardrobe you can easily pick up two pieces in the dark and still they will work together in a perfect outfit. Let’s see other good reasons to put together a capsule wardrobe.

1. Simplify your life and reduce stress

Simplification is the ultimate goal of a capsule wardrobe. The intention isn’t to only limit the number of clothing items on your closet; there’s a reason for that. By reducing what you have on your closet you also reduce your stress levels, not only because you have less “junk”, but also because it becomes faster and easier to choose what to wear.

In today’s world most of us live hectic lives in which we have little to no time in the morning, before we get to work. We do everything in a fast pace: eating, getting dresses, taking care of ourselves… By having a simplified wardrobe, you reduce the stress of getting dressed in the morning. Fill your wardrobe with good quality, versatile pieces that go with everything and you’ll see the difference in getting dressed even when you’ve slept over after the alarm clock rang!

2. Save time and money

Capsule Travel Wardrobe by Geneva Vanderzeil, A Pair & A Spare

We’ve seen already that having less ends up saving you more time when it comes to choosing outfits. The money saving part comes from investing in good quality that will – perhaps – end up lasting a lifetime.  Nowadays it’s so easy and cheap for us to buy fast fashion items that we ignore that – by being made from cheap fabrics and materials – they won’t last very long. It’s a vicious cycle: we buy cheap clothes, they tear or get easily spoiled by any number of reasons, then we buy new ones and the same thing happens after a while.

Yes, the clothes may be cheap, but in buying more and more we end up spending more money than we would by purchasing just a few good quality pieces.

Good quality doesn’t come cheap but it pays off in the end. Just think of your mother’s wardrobe: does she own some clothes that are 20, maybe even 30 years old? That’s because 20 or 30 years ago we didn’t really have fast fashion; clothes were mostly made from good materials.

Have that in mind when you buy your clothes and enrich your wardrobe by investing in less items and in their quality. 🙂

At Philippe le Bac we pride ourselves for the quality of every item we produce. Almost all our clothes and accessories are made from natural fabrics and materials, such as silk, cashmere and bamboo.

3. Create more space for what you love

If you truly love fashion you will feel this one. Isn’t it better to have a wardrobe with less pieces, but only those that you truly love and that will last for years to come? 🙂
By having less you will also feel less “guilty” by investing more money in a single piece of clothing.
In the end, you will shop more consciently and even – hopefully – gain a whole new appreciation for fashion and good, natural fabrics.

We hope you liked this post. On the next one we will list all the pieces a good capsule wardrobe should include.

Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Are you looking to create one? Share your tips and thoughts with us!

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