Philippe le Bac- Affordable Luxury- What’s the History?

Philippe le Bac- Affordable Luxury- What’s the History?

Hello and welcome to Philippe le Bac’s blog!

This post will hopefully mark the beginning of our contribution to the world of fashion inspiration. We are here to provide you with good content on all things fashion, so please do follow us and don’t be shy if you have any tips or suggestions for us as we are knew to the blogging part of the business.
But first, let us introduce ourselves.

Who is Philippe le Bac?

Philippe le Bac is a clothing brand whose story began in Paris, in 1936. Its story is a story of three generations of creators who express a clear love for natural fabrics and resources through the clothes they make.

If you browse our website you will quickly notice that most of our clothes are made from natural materials, such as cashmere, silk , Milk, Bamboo, wool and many more.

A little timeline of our brand’s History:

Sustainability concerns

Constantly on the lookout for innovation, we also develop bamboo, soybean and milk-fibers which allow us to create natural, trendy, delightful to wear and environmentally sustainable clothes.
Why are we blogging and what will we blog about?
We’ve been around for a while now and so has the internet, so why now? Why start blogging now? Well, why not? Our team is made of people. Brands are made with people and for people, so it’s only natural that we have a few stories to tell.
On this blog you will, from now on, be able to read about:

  • what inspires us
  • why we do what we do (our passion for making quality clothes)
  • places we go
  • people we admire in the fashion industry
  • fashion news
  • our own news; what we are working on and new collections arriving.

Got some feedback?

By starting our own blog we aim to start a conversation. A conversation with only one intervenient is called a monologue. We don’t want that. We want you to join us! If you like what you read here, if you like our clothes, if you have suggestions on content you’d like to read about here or some feedback about our clothes and accessories, please do send us an email or leave us a comment on the comment section. 🙂

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, find out what our clothes are all about on Philippe le Bac’s online shop.

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